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jush59: Hi, I wanted to buy some games, supposedly DRM-free, but hesitated when I realized they were EA products. I couldn't find anything mentioning Origin until I found the end user license agreement which says:

"[...]An EA/Origin Account, including the acceptance of EA’s online Terms of Service and Privacy Policy [...], the installation of Origin client application [...] (or superceding download management software) as well as acceptance of the Origin (or superceding download management software) End User License agreement, may be required to access the Software.[...]"

Sounds like "anything can happen but you can find out!". Can anybody tell me wheather or not I need Origin to play such a game?

You do not need the Origin service to play the games you buy here on GOG :) Those are the standard EA EULAs :)
jush59: Thanks! I was a bit worried and I couldn't find any posts concerning this topic. I thought the general problem was NOT reading the EULAs... . So now I just need to convince myself that buying an EA product does not automatically make me a bad person. Sad to see that they bought all those great old games.
Well, at least those games have a clear and definite legal situation and they can be legally distributed either by us or anyone else that has the distribution rights.

See what happened with No One Lives Forever recently and how that game cannot be distributed in a clear and legal fashion because no one knows who has the proper rights to the franchise.