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KylieM: Heh, you should get a job on the GOG team! :)
Rhiyo: That'd be my dream job :)

I've updated the current games in the list with a bunch more info.
Removed the nocd links.
Post edited January 11, 2013 by JudasIscariot
Rhiyo: Sorry, I assumed because C&C and RA were released in future updates without a CD they'd be legal, and because AoE 2 was just editing the registry and not implementing any files it'd be fine and I though Diablo would be abandonware by now.

I should have probably looked this up before posting, my apologies, and thanks for the warning!
AFAIK, Diablo is most definitely NOT abandonware. It's old, yes, but the rights holder is still around and it's still being sold last time I checked :D