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Doom 3 is a victim of its time. Fancy tech demo limited by the idea of what was the 'in' thing at the time. Doom 2016 however, just said screw it, let's have fun. Thus we get the principles of momentum, elevation and obliteration. And my god is it wonderful.

Quake suffered a similar thing. Quake 4 is just a stab of a tech demo with the typical tropes of the time, just we never really got a follow up to it.

As for Call of Duty, fun single players that create a cinematic experience. But it's been a long time since they did anything clever with the SP, it's just solid now rather than clever.
Linko90: Doom 3 is a victim of its time.
Crosmando: I can't agree with this completely, Doom 3 was intentionally designed as a horror FPS, not just a fun fast FPS. The lighting, the jump scares, the audio and text messages you find, all of it was designed as atmospheric horror game.
Shame they just used jump scares more than anything else *peers into the abyss*