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anothername: - Updated notification system. Notifications now appear on the left-hand side of the screen rather than the tab on the right. - Notifications can be filtered based on priority or turned off in the game options menu.

Sounds ok in theory but practically two of the three options show no notifications at all and only the "show all" shows all. Including the 1 million base constructors and farm upgrades created messages which drowns X Number of unallowed ships in my space, x turns to next UP meeting and treaties running out. On top of now being always present the scrolling is less responsive than it was in the tab and the "X" clicking to remove them is unintuitive since the X need to appear by scroll-over and the message needs to fade out in a stylish but annoyingly 2 sec time consuming way. Its like after a brainstorming over notification improvements somebody took all suggestions and picked the worst of each of them.

A working prioritization in the previous tab system would have been the best on top of certain events getting a popup (like war; its lousy to find out have been in war for 4 turns since you get attacked by your "friend & trade-partner" which did not showed any risk of even going to war).

since its relevant for that patch: I play the English version.
How is 1.82 treating you?
JudasIscariot: How is 1.82 treating you?
anothername: I paused the session after the OP. It got a makeover? Great to know, thanks! :)
Will try to pry me away from the Mount & Blade mod which currently occupies me this evening to check out the new update.
All I know is that 1.82 came with a lengthy changelog and I was curious as to whether it helped any with the issue you reported :)