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To avoid confusion here's some info regarding copy protection status in Forgotten Realms games:

With exception of Hillsfar, manual / codewheel checks can be bypassed without a proper word. Just type anything and press ENTER and the game should continue.

For Hillsfar you can use our 'Codewheel' application to easily generate necessary keywords. You can find its shortcut in Start Menu or launch it directly from the game folder.

That application is included in other two games that had codewheels, Pool of Radiance and Curse of Azure Bonds but you don't have to use it. Protection screens in these games can be bypassed as mentioned above.

Hopefully this will clear some things out.
rayfer: I'm getting a request to insert disc 3 when I try to play Gateway to the Savage Frontier. Any suggestions?
You probably tried to save the game directly after creating a party. To avoid the error, save only after starting an actual game.
There was supposed to be a support article about it... Looks like someone forgot about it, but it will be up tomorrow.