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Hi this is the updated section of the Fallout 1 sticky !
You can find the older links/mods under this ;)


In this order!

1. TeamX Patch 1.2 - "The primary objective of this patch is to incorporate into the US version of the game, bug fixes available for later European releases only. This includes executables and several scripts."

2. Fallout Children Patch - "This handy little patch brings children back to the Fallout 1.2 UK version."

3. TeamX Patch 1.3.4 - "The primary objective of this patch is to fix bugs still present in the latest
official version of the game."

4. TeamX NPC Mod (f1npcmod) - Various NPC changes. "Ian, Katja and Tyho can gain up levels (1 per players 4), change armor and combat tactics. Dogmeat can be ordered to wait."

5. High Resolution patch - "Modifies "falloutw.exe" in memory to run at higher screen resolutions."

------------------- OLD STICKY -------------------

Here are some of tested and suggested mods for Fallout. If you have more that you'd like to share here is the exact place.
Note. It is better to test each mod with gog installer first before you add new one to this topic.

1. F1 Fatal Damage Mod
A mod that changes weapon damage and armor stats to more realistic.

2. Falche - Character Editor

3. Dialog fixes by nimrod
Some fixes in dialogs (grammar etc.)

4. Fallout Update Mod v1.2.5
This Fallout 1 mod includes 4 new quests and 27 new people.

5. Resolution Patch v2.1
Allows the game to run in higher resolution

6. End Game Mod
Adds a option to continue game after killing last boss.

For more tools, mods and patches visit eg.
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MitchB84: Doh! The Resolution patch link isn't working.

Sorry for that. It seems like there has been an update of the patch to a 1.1 version. Here's a link to the new version (thanks Stavros):
We'll try to update the MOD's list if there will be new versions, but if you'll find it before us please post it in the forums.
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We only apply official patches to our games before we release them.
Rysa: 1. F1 Fatal Damage Mod
A mod that changes weapon damage and armor stats to more realistic.
7. Fatal Damage Mod
Makes weapons and armors more realistic, changes names dmg etc.
Ked: These are the same :)

Fixed, thanks for taking note of that. =)
coryza: edit: wrong subject and I can't seem to find "delete post". Sorry.

Just please repost the links at Fallout 2 mods thread and we'll delete the post here. =)
acare84: Fallout 1 resolution patch updated to 2.1 version. You can download it from here, I hope employees will fix this on first post.

Thx for a tip - sorry for it to take so much time ;-) Fixed :D
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