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Abtorias: I already have Fallout New Vegas on Steam but getting very discouraged due to constant crashes. Love the gave but man the constant crashing and infinite loading screens is really ruining the experience for me.

Would purchasing thie game on here be any different? I've read about GOG fixing the game files so they will run on Windows 10. I really would like to continue my playthrough and don't even know if this is a smart purchase considering I already have it. It's only $19.99 and I would also like to start supporting GOG more with the recent Steam VS Epic saga. I have no problem purchasing it if it'll run smoother.


I have no experience with mods and not very PC literate lol
Hey, first I'd recommend checking the minimum system requirement to see if your PC is capable of running the game: (please scroll down)

If you'd need further assistance, feel free to poke us here: :)