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Why decide to join games in development on GOG?
The EVERSPACE™ Beta is already fully playable, balanced, and generally free of bugs. Over 10,000 players have been enjoying it since ourKickstarter in August 2015 and we believe we got a pretty solid space shooter in place already, but it is still lacking a few elements that we originally envisioned. Now, we would like to give everyone the opportunity to join in and get their hands on the game to help us create the best possible space shooter for you.

Approximately how long will EVERSPACE be in early access?
Featuring the scope that we promised in ourKickstarter, we plan to release the full version some time in Q1 2017. Still, unexpected hurdles might occur during ongoing development or some ideas we had in mind might turn out to be not so good after all making us change the direction, postpone promised features or even drop them entirely.

What do you plan to change during development?

Over the next months, we will gather feedback from our community and work with you to improve EVERSPACE™ wherever reasonable based on the budget and the resources at our disposal. Bear in mind that we are a fairly small team of 12 developers. We have been working together on space shooters for over ten years but major additions like real-time multiplayer simply are out of scope, at least for the time being.

These are the features that we plan to add over the next few months:
* Two additional player ships with different capabilities and starting gear
* Dynamic cockpit displays for all player ships
* A captivating non-linear fully voice-acted story featuring interesting and thoughtfully designed characters
* Hardcore Mode with permadeath for die-hard roguelike fans
* VR-Support for oculus Rift and HTC Vive

What is the current state of your EVERSPACE?
The Early Access version of EVERSPACE™ is based on the Beta which was released on July 29, 2016. Since then, we have fixed most of the bugs reported by our backers, did some tweaks and added a few new features. The most notable changes since Beta are a more challenging boss fight, introduction of some voice-acted events as well as improved overall balancing. You can find the complete changelog on our forums:

Will the price change on release day?

We plan to gradually raise the price as we ship new content and features.

How can the community participate in the development process?

We have been working closely with our fans since our Kickstarter in August 2015 and we will continue to do so. Just to give you an idea, the Early Access version comes with over 250 new features, tweaks and bug fixes, largely based on community feedback since the initial Alpha release. You can follow the discussions on our forums and we would like to invite you to contribute as well:
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dslachut: The Everspace team plans to have a Linux build available later this month. Will GOG have the Linux build as soon as it's available?
It all depends on when the build is delivered to us and if there are no technical issues preventing its release here :)