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We are currently gathering more information about the black screen glitch on ATI graphics cards. The game runs stable on all machines and all operating systems (Windows 7 included) when hardware acceleration is disabled and on 800x600 resolution - 1024x768 may be unstable on some machines.

Until we can come up with a permanent solution, ATI users should use this workaround. You need to extract it and launch the dk2_safemode.exe file from anywhere. It will also enable bilinear filtering and make software mode look a lot better.

Please send us a tech support ticket with a DXDiag.txt file if you're encountering this or any other issue, especially if you're getting the black screen glitch on NVidia graphics (still unconfirmed). It will help us investigate this issue further.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you updated about our progress in this thread.
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WingedDraven: I can not play this game because of one problem. Every time I try to play it the screen get all pixally and black. I think I need a white cane or seeing eye dog to have any clue as to what is happening. The cursor says that there is something on screen but I have no clue as I can see exactly jack squat. Not a happy camper as I have lost six dollars for something I can only listen to. There is a limit to cheap and ripped off. I think I have just been ripped off.
As shaddim mentioned, you should install the fix that's just underneath the link for the installer for Dungeon Keeper 2. Please run the fix and see if that helps fix your issue. If you continue to have problems after installing the Hardware Acceleration Fix, please don't hesitate to write to our Support department and send a DxDiag along with your email. Please note, that it is the weekend here in Poland so it may take some time before we get back to you. Rest assured, however, that you will receive an answer :D