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duviful: [...]
Did you mod the game in any way? It happened to me only once and was fixed by verify / repair option in Galaxy Client.
duviful: HI, no mods.
already verified/repaired twice.

FYI, i did not downloaded the game via the galaxy but i downloaded the game via browser and installed on the computer using the setup.
this because I was in a place with faster connection than my home.
on my computer the galaxy client is installed and updated. others games works fine.

Could you send me DDDA.SAV file to
I might be able to 'hotfix' this particular save, at least for now.

We'll try to replicate the issue and find the cause, but for now we haven't encounter such problem during tests.
This issue revealed a rather peculiar case: save file is case-sensitive
short version: it has to be named DDDA.sav or the game won't read it

I'll pass that info along to the dev, hopefully it's easily fixable.