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Omnimaxus: Surprised to see something like the GOG launcher come with this game. Really does present itself as a possible prelude to DRM being put into future game releases. I have bought games from because I want the games, plain and simple. I do not want any online features tacked on. And what's with the Galaxy client? It kept trying to connect, and I consistently got a message saying that the client couldn't connect. I did download the most recent version (with the GOG launcher being optional), but still I got alerts about the Galaxy client. As the title of this thread says, I am disappointed with this release, and sincerely hope that the GOG launcher does not become a permanent fixture in future releases. Gonna give the game one star, too. Thanks.
The launcher is optional, really, and it's only used for multiplayer. If you want to play the game single player then you do not need the launcher :)

On top of that, you can simply uninstall it and it will not hinder your single player experience :)
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Omnimaxus: How? I must be missing something. I don't see an option to uninstall the launcher. Thanks.
It's still an early version so you should look in your Add/Remove programs panel for it :) Or you can just run the game's executable directly :)