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Hoverboy: I'm only hearing music, and no other audio sounds (no talking, no combat sounds, no clicking-on-buttons sounds, etc.) in the GOG Enhanced version. Haven't tried the other version, but I'll give that a go next.

Windows 10 (latest updates), Logitech G560 speakers (GHub software w/latest updates)
Try setting your speakers to 2 / 2.1 configuration, if possible, and see if there is any change.
Hoverboy: That fixed it, thanks!

FWIW, I ended up having to go into Device Manager and roll back the drives for my G560 speakers because the Logitech driver forces 7.1 (and is the only option in speaker setup), where the Generic USB driver that you get with rollback gives you Stereo as a speaker setup option.
That would be weird indeed. There was no such option in Logitech app neither?