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obiwan.873: Surprised no one else has mentioned this so i will.

The DLC has been available through both Tuesday and Thursday now (gogs usual release days) and i am bitterly disappointed to see its not here.

D3 is a game i stick on a USB stick and play during quiet hours at work. Is this the trend to expect now? GoG will be sloppy seconds ... are we even GETTING the DLC? if so any idea of a time line?

My GOG library is pretty substantial and this is the first time i have EVER needed to make a serious complaint but this is concerning.

Can we get some clarity on this matter please? I really do NOT want to have to reconsider making my DRM free purchases on GOG :*(
Hi obiwan,

No, we haven't been left out to dry, just that the release of the DLC came around just as we were starting work towards our French launch and our current Fall Sale.

So basically the delay was on our side and we sincerely apologize for that .