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kaileeena: I like to be able to switch to other tasks while playing (like checking a walkthrough) but for some reason DS developers decided to disable alt-tab, windows key, ctrl-shift-esc even ctrl-alt-delete doesn't work effectively.

I did some searching online and was able to make it work in windowed mode but still once game is running m mouse was stuck inside the window and alt-tab had no effect.

Anyone know of a way to enable task switching in this game?
It was disabled in our setup because we were getting a lot of crashes during tests while switching.

If you want to enable it at your own risk, then either:
- rename DarksidersPC.exe to anything else (you'll have to change shortcuts as well or launch the game directly from folder)

- open command-line, type and press enter:
sdbinst -u -g {c0728393-3782-4e36-a2cd-b3aa27cd6836}