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Hi guys!

TL:DR This makes things even better :

Our version of this game is 1.4, which is is the latest official release. However, the wonderful Dark Reign community created Patch 1.7 ( that fixes many issues that were still present after the last official update, most notably the lack of TCP/IP multilayer support. We can't use the 1.7 patch for obvious reasons, but it is highly recommended. :)
In addition, the community is still active and it is a nice place to find other people interested in this title.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The 1.7 version is disabling the in game music.
Post edited January 28, 2011 by Paczyk
Hi guys,

I have updated the post above with a clear warning.

The 1.7 modification is still using the CD as a music source. Only GOG's 1.4 has been modified to use the mp3 files instead. The 1.7 is not perfect, that is why it was not included in the installer. However it changes some of the game's aspects that we liked. That's why we wanted to share this information with you and promote the community of this great game for those interested in the multiplayer.

I apologise for the missing music issue, I should have warned everyone about it.
That was a "Shaka, when the walls fell" on my part :(