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Why did you decide to join games in development on GOG?
We’ve been selling the alpha version of the game since Nov 2014 through our website and continuously released major updates every two weeks since then. The amount of feedback and suggestions we’ve received has been an essential part of our design process. As we are approaching the finishing line we’d like to reach out to even more people and hear your opinions about our game and the design decisions we are taking.

Besides this we can use the money gained by your trust in our game to make our lifes a little bit easier. We’ve been developing The Curious Expedition without any involvement of a publisher, allowing only us and our community to make the creative decisions. We have financed our work with our own savings. We can keep doing this until we finish the game, but gaining back some money already now will not only help us sleep a bit better at night, but most importantly make sure that our focus remains on what is best for the game.

Approximately how long will The Curious Expedition be in early access?
This partially depends on the feedback that you’ll be giving and what content you would like to see added to the game for the final release.

What do you plan to change during development?
In terms of major features The Curious Expedition is already completed, and all the big cornerstones are set. Our design approach is very iterative, so you can expect many of the current features to slightly change and adjust, mostly based on your feedback and playtesting.
Some aspects we’ll work on are:
- While we already have a ton of content in the game, we’ll add even more locations, units, perks, items and enemies. With our procedural approach and the major features being set, this is just a matter of us pumping as much content into the game possible.
- Many of our location artworks are still rough placeholders, which will be replaced.
- The HUD is still rather basic and will be visually improved.
- Tuning such a big game is a huge task and will be ongoing effort even after the final release.

What is the current state of your game?
Since we released our first development version we’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. There are many articles and Let’s Plays that show that the Curious Expedition is already fully playable and a lot of fun. We’ve been updating the game every 2 - 3 weeks since it’s first release, and we’ll keep doing this until we reach the finishing line.

Will the price change on release day?
The price for Games in Development and the final game release will remain the same, apart from occasional short-term special offers like the release week or GOG sales.

How can the community participate in the development process?
We’ve been in close contact with our community through multiple channels in the past. We have a forum for suggestions, bugs and general chat and we are very communicative if you want to reach out to us through email, twitter or our facebook page.

How often do you expect to release updates?
We will keep updating the game every 2 - 3 weeks until we reach the finishing line.
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nekomimi: As this is in early access how do we upgrade our game when a new version is released?
This works exactly the same as with any other GOG game: you can use the Galaxy Client to make sure you have the latest version available - or you can just grab a new patch / installer from your shelf if you prefer.

Re the new threads issue: this should be fixed now! We're very sorry for any inconvenience.
In case any of you is still experiencing any problems with creating new threads, could you please contact our Support team? Thank you!
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