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Kwproctor: The keyboard works for the menu but in-game none of the keys do any thing.
The options let me set the axis and those work in the menu and in-game but there is no settings for the buttons and none of them are mislabeled button settings.
I have re-downloaded and reinstalled a few times.
I know about remapping keys and game controllers but without the interact key I can't do anything.
If you're running the Windows version of the game, can you try running it as administrator?
alexkazik: I've managed (in clarc) to configure my (no name) gamepad to walk and rotate but I can't talk, no button does the trick. Any way to configure it or to use keyboard instead of the gamepad? (Using Version on OS X 10.9)
Only thing I can think of would be to just unplug the gamepad while playing CLARC.