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skeletonbow: Searching for "ceville loading save game" on Google results in links to every other game ever made *except* Ceville. Brilliant Google, absolutely Brilliant.

Even more brilliant is if you go on Steam and type "ceville" into the search box, the only thing that comes up is "Ceville demo" but not the actual game. Clicking on the Ceville demo does not bring up the Ceville demo though, instead it brings up "Europa Universalis: Rome - Gold Edition". LOL

Seriously! You can't make this shit up folks, pure game support gold. I'm not remaining too hopeful about this problem if the game is so broken, has never received the last patch on GOG, and is not even available for sale on Steam anymore, and the remaining demo links to a completely different game.

Perhaps I should ask GOG for my money back, although I've owned the game for a very long time now, a year or two so I wouldn't qualify for a refund under the normal terms. Always possible that they might make an exception though. I filed a tech support request to see if GOG support can find a workaround or fix for the problem as they've been super tech support kung-fu experts in the past with game problems, plus I'm patient and easy going about this sort of shit so let's see what happens. :)

If they can't get the game to work and I can't find any solutions online either, I'll see if they refund it as a last resort. Kind of a bummer though as it looks like a neat PnC game. What's more odd is that I actually played it for a few hours a year or so ago and got further than now. Makes not much sense...

Anyhow... if anyone happens to have experienced this and has a potential solution, I'm all ears. :)
What last patch are you referring to for Ceville? It has been updated to version and that IS the last patch :)