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amirdizdarevic: Hello,

the game wouldn't find it's own libraries:

libGL error: unable to load driver:

So I made a new start file ( and just removed the reference to the libraries, so it would load the system's native libs. That works, but I only get sound, no picture and the game won't quit unless I go out of X into the console and kill the process.

1. Are my video drivers too old? Should I upgrade Mesa? It's at 10.3.2
(ATI Radeon Mullins card)

2. Is there a better way to have the game find its own static libraries?

3. I've seen the same error described for Windows, where I'd have to change a config file to give it the correct refresh rate and resolution, but I can't find this file in the Linux version anywhere (screen.dat).

Thanks in advance!
Hello, sorry for the late response.

You definitely should upgrade your Mesa (or even your entire distribution), there is a huge difference between Mesa versions for Radeon cards!

After you removed references to the libraries present in the game build, you should make sure that you have all of the needed dependencies, on Ubuntu and Debian that would be these packages (and their dependencies pulled by the package manager):

libc6:i386 libasound2:i386 libasound2-data:i386 libasound2-plugins:i386 libstdc++6:i386 libx11-6:i386 libxau6:i386 libxcb1:i386 libxcursor1:i386 libxdmcp6:i386 libxext6:i386 libxfixes3:i386 libxinerama1:i386 libxrandr2:i386 libxrender1:i386 libglu1:i386 libsdl2-2.0-0:i386 libsdl1.2debian:i386

If upgrading your Mesa (and possibly, your distribution) and installing dependencies won't help, please contact our support and provide the system report (it can be generated by running a script you will find in the game build):
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