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eduardomezencio: The game is unplayable for me in linux.. I could get to the main menu screen, but it runs with about 1-2 frames per second, with audio skipping. Sometimes it does not even go as far as the menu and I have to kill the job to exit the game.
There is nothing strange in the terminal output.

I wonder if it only happens to me.

(arch linux x86_64)
This is a Unity game so all the interesting stuff is in the game's Player.log file. You can find the Player.log file here:

/home/<your user name here>/.config/unity3d/Free Lives/Broforce

Grab that file and send it to our Support team along with your system information so we can investigate the problem or forward it to the the developer :)
How many of you have looked for the Player.log file for the game? :P