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Kelemvor: Hello,how can i change the language of the game?

Thank you for any help.

We have seperate language packs that appear right under the main installer for the game :D

So once you have the main installer downloaded and went through the installation procedure, go ahead and download the language pack you want and run that and you should be good to go :D
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ldtime: Thanks again JudasIscariot :D
De nada, amigo! :D
stardust_79: I patch my game with the french language patch, but I came accross this error on the "patch log":

[i]Blade of Darkness patch log
Update from version to French

Incorrect version of: C:\GOG Games\Blade of Darkness\Maps\Ragnar_M2\pak\SDF.txt[/i]

Does anyone else had the same error ?
Please write to our Support department with that error message as this is a bit specific. Thanks :D