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vrmlbasic: I remember buying this from the EBGames bargain bin back in "the day". It was pretty fun, and had some cool graphics despite relatively low system requirements. I remember playing this with its signature dynamic shadows on a PIII 550 Mhz processor just fine & yet today Gearbox/Epic can't get dynamic shadowing to work properly (ie:lag free) on today's vastly more efficient & powerful multi-core processors in Borderlands 2.

Anyhow, i remember that this game had some lackluster "dueling" multiplayer, but no real coop. That was the only flaw that I remember (well, besides the literally insulting save system). This sort of game cries out, I believe, for coop. Did a coop mod ever crop up in all these years since the game's initial release?
No co-op mode unless someone made a mod for that. There is the dueling mode where you can fight another player, as you have already mentioned :D