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Hi all,

We put up a new installer and a universal update for those of you who already have an older version of our installer. The installer is version and the patch will bring up any previous installs of Battle Isle Platinum to that same version.

Issues fixed in this iteration of Battle Isle and friends:

"It seems like that music track 05 is the only music track that gets played, ever. no other music tracks play (when it finishes playing track 05, it should in theory switch to another track, but it does not, and the game will become silent. also, I'm pretty sure that in the later parts of the game, different tracks should play as default). do note that I'm not 100% sure about the track switching, I would have to reinstall my original platinum edition to check the exact behavior, but one one way or another, the music/audio playback still requires attention, no doubt." - Fixed

"You could also change IRQ setting for BI2 and it's addon from 7 to 5 in dosbox .conf files, because right now SFX doesn't work." - that be fixed so hard it's unfixed and fixed again.

Thanks for your patience and have fun, you guys :D.
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F4LL0UT: One question: nGlide is NOT included with the game, right? I mean, you still have to install nGlide manually in order to play Incubation in 3dfx mode, eh?
It's included.
Alfie3000: . I'm wondering if it's a similar issue.
Yes, it is. We are working on fixing it, but it's a tad more problematic and I don't have any ETA to give. Unfortunately.