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I have bought Battle Chess from Gog, but there is a problem i am having. The animations and movements in the first Battle Chess is very very slow and frustrating. I wonder if it is a problem about windows compatibility or is it just the way the game originally was?
This question / problem has been solved by Tirpitzimage
We've checked it on different machines with different operating systems and it looks like that these animations are slow by design. Thus I'm marking this topic as SOLVED.
Post edited December 30, 2008 by Tirpitz
MIK0: As I said the game originally is meant to be faster. When I was a child I played it on a 8086 and was faster than that. The problem is, imo, dosbox.
Is it possibile, instead, to add the windows versione that I know exists?

We've checked it on Win98 and it was as slow as it is in DOSBox. Maybe it seemed fast on that 8086 (years ago, back when you were a child)? Please remember that we have a different standards for animation speeds in the present. :)
Also as far as I know (though, I might be wrong) Interplay did not released any Battle Chess for anything higher than Windows 3.x .