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Hi all,

We have updated Mac version of Avernum The Complete Saga as there was a script error that prevented users from saving their settings for Avernum 4-6. Please download the new Mac installer (avernum_the_complete_saga_1.0.0.9.dmg) at your earliest convenience.

Thanks and have a nice day :)
chean: Thanks for the update!
Wesker: Crikey! How come the Mac installer is six times as large as the one for Windows?
chean: Avernum 1-3 in the Saga pack are "Wineskinned" versions rather than native OS X (which is kind of odd considering that the Spiderweb games all started out on the Mac platform, but I suppose there's some logical reason); the Wine stuff adds a couple hundred MB for each, none of which is needed for the Windows version.
The first three games were made for PowerPC Macs and never made universal, to my knowledge :)
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