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Matruchus: I know there is no timeline yet for the Linux version and that you are looking in to the Vulkan graphics API for the platform. I was wondering if indeed there is going to be a Linux version how is the multiplayer part going to be handled since there is no Galaxy client for Linux as of yet and as much I understand you are using gog services for multiplayer.

Sad hearing though that Mac version was abandoned.

Ashes of Singularity FAQ from November 2015:
"What platforms will Ashes of the Singularity be on?
Windows PC for now, but we are entirely confident that we’ll release Ashes on MacOS, SteamOS, and Linux. Oxide Games is part of the Khronos group, which is developing the next-gen Vulkan graphics API that should be the API of choice on those platforms. This gives us great confidence in getting Ashes and Nitrous running on those platforms in the not-too-distant future."
Have you tried running version 2.41 with the latest version of Wine Staging yet? It's supposed to have Vulkan support which is supported by Wine Staging :)