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eiii: The current GOG version of Anno 1503 A.D. (setup_anno_1503_2.0.0.5.exe) works without problems under Wine 1.6. The only tweak which is needed when you want to listen to the in-game music is: "winetricks directmusic"
Did you get this from WineHQ? :)
JudasIscariot: Did you get this from WineHQ? :)
eiii: Don't ask me such things a month later. ;) I don't remember, probably yes. But directmusic is a good guess to try anyway when the music does not work in a game.

Edit: WineHQ has no explicit entry for the GOG version, I think that's why I posted the message here.
See now you have a reason to make an entry :p
JudasIscariot: See now you have a reason to make an entry :p
Gydion: Does 1.9.1 still require it?

A bit OT, but what did you need to do to compile 32-bit wine on Mint? I wasn't having much luck with the necessary libraries, X & others, with a fresh Mint 64-bit 17.3 install. It seemed easier to switch to compiling in a 32-bit chroot. Not completely happy with that as it's more complex than I wanted. Much simpler on my jessie based distro.
Hmmm all I did was


then I checked the libraries that were missing and used my package manager and installed whatever libraries that are multiarched. I did not bother at all with any gstreamer libraries as those are NOT multiarched and if you have the 64-bit dev libs installed and try to use the 32-bit ones then they will try to remove half your system.