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Lars2500: I want to make everyone aware that there is an official patch 1.02 for Amnesia - A Machine For Pigs available:

This fixes other issues still present in version 1.01, including one I had with the sound not working properly. I fiddled hours around with this before finally in the depths of that forum, I stumbled across that thread. (The patch is actually available since October 2013, but you will find no mention of it anywhere on the web other than there.)

The patch works out-of-the-box only with Frictional Games' version of AAMFP, but by copying the files manually into the game folder it can be used with any other installation, including the GOG version.

Perhaps GOG is able to make an own 1.02 patch installer? It would have saved me some frustating hours.
I read that thread and it looks like this patch wasn't released as an official release. On top of that, where's the update for the Mac version?

We'd be more than happy to add this patch...once it gets out of testing and is released as a finished update by the developers :)