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kingofanime: So, I did some more testing. I redownloaded the armies installer. I did an MD5 check against my previous download to verify that the downloads were perfect matches to each other, and they were. I uninstalled everything on 2 of my computers, reinstalled armies only. I left hordes uninstalled. I tried to run a lan game between the two computers on a 2 player map with no ai's. And it just sits at the loading screen. The match never begins.

I believe I can now officially say that lan mode does not function in any way, shape, or form from GOG offline installer version 27 of armies. Which kinda blows my mind, because the lan mode must have functioned for at least a couple seconds at some place and time for it to even exist. But I do know that that time is not now, and it's not any possible computer that exists in my house.

I really wish I had tested the lan mode before my nephew came over. Because he seemed like he really liked the game and the idea of a map editor. I tried my very best as a gamer and professional pc technician to get it to work for him, but it ain't happening. Also, he goes back to school on wednesday.

It is my theory that all the lan gamers that wanted this feature so bad, have all abandoned ship, and I am the only one attempting to run a lan game.
Can you try the GOG-28 installer, please?