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Hi all,

We put up new installers for 1849 that will update your game to version 1.0.5. Please download the new installers at your earliest convenience from your game shelf :)


- Bug fixes:
-- Fix to St Helena scenario to add paper trading
-- Fix for the Civic Leader achievement which wasn't triggering
-- Fix for road-related warnings
-- Fixed "ghost buildings" that persisted on the board, until a full restart
-- Fixed an occasional bug with houses that silently failed an upgrade
-- Fixed a game date formatting bug (not displaying the month name for
some users)
-- PC/Mac: full screen mode was exiting unexpectedly
- PC/Mac: you can now use ALT-Enter to toggle fullscreen mode on and off
- Updated UI for the victory screen, added an "about" box with credits.
- Sandbox changes:
-- Added a new "boundless" city size, where the city takes up the entire
visible area
-- Tweaked metal distribution to be more generous
- Sandbox trade bug fixes:Â
-- neighbors don't offer to buy resources that you can't produce
-- neighbors don't offer to sell you resources that you can't use (like
-- removed duplicate resources from buy/sell offers

Thanks and have a nice day :)
Greybriar: Is it necessary to reinstall the game? Or can it just be patched?
You can run the installer as normal :) Just make sure to back up your saves :)