Throwback Thursday: Syberia

It's another episode of Throwback Thursday, the GOG-made series on classic games we think you should definitely check out! As the next entry in the series is coming out tomorrow, with The World Before, we thought it'd be good to look back at where it all started. Today, folks, we're talking about Syberia!
This monumental classic, created by Benoit Sokal, is one of the most famous point'n'click adventure games ever created. In it, you'll help Kate Walker a young lawyer from New York, solve a life-changing mystery, and discover much about herself in the process. A very human adventure taking you on a trip from the west to the east of Europe, in a gorgeous world full of ingenious machines with a unique atmosphere, that's what Syberia has to offer.
Recommended by Boris, Comms Team
I don't even know where to start when it comes to Syberia. At a time when games weren't as mainstream as they are nowadays, it introduced me to something that never left me ever since. This medium was meant for story-telling, for feelings, for art.
Syberia is about a journey and it WILL take you on a ride. Thanks to the numerous meetings with a host of touching and fascinating characters during my travels with Kate through time and space, the mystery crafted by the late Benoît Sokal pulled me in with a subtlety and inescapable force I wasn't expecting.
The blend of realistic locations and steampunk elements made me both believe in this world and be entranced by it. A waking dream that brings the struggles of being human in a gentle light. Please, give it a chance.
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