Throwback Thursday: Nox

It is Throwback Thursday time, and today we have something special for the fans of isometric action-RPGs.
In Nox, developed by Westwood Studios, you are Jack Mower, an ordinary guy living his ordinary life. But one day, due to a cosmic accident and the actions by the evil Queen of Necromancers, you're being sucked out of this universe by your own TV and transferred to a fantasy parallel universe called Nox. We're not sure, but we think the moral of Nox is "Don't watch too much TV." Who says gaming doesn't spread positive messages?
Jack, though, seems in a bit of a spot. It won't be a surprise if we tell you that the world Jack got into is in danger and he's the one that can save it, right?
Here’s what one of GOG team members has to say about this classic.
Recommended by Kilg0re_Tr0ut from GOG Stream Team
Nox is a truly underrated game from Westwood Studios. Often written off as a "Diablo-clone", this is really a unique quest oriented action RPG. You play Jack, a young man who (along with his TV) is accidentally teleported to Nox by the evil Hecubah, and it is your job to right things in Nox and eventually defeat her. The story and gameplay adapts to accommodate one of three different character classes you have to choose from, the Warrior, who can't use magic, but has access to all armor and weapon types (except bows and staves), the Conjurer, who can use bows and crossbows, can use some spells, but specialize in summoning monsters that can fight alongside them, and the Wizard class, who specialize in the vast majority of spells in the game, and can even teleport and become invisible. This adds tremendous replayability as playing the game with each character makes for a completely different experience, basically giving you three games in one. Easy to get into, Nox is highly recommended for fans of the genre."
If you’d like to learn more why Kilg0re recommends to play Nox, jump on his stream tonight (Friday, November 5th at 3 AM UTC) on GOG’s Twitch channel.