Release: Yet Another Fantasy Title (YAFT)

Get ready for an humorous classic humorous RPG – Yet Another Fantasy Title (YAFT) is now out on GOG, with a -10% launch discount until April 18th, 4:30 PM UTC!
Embark on an epic journey as a rogue in a fantastical action-adventure game brimming with outrageous humor. Set out on a daring quest to slay a dragon, only to discover that it marks just the commencement of your extraordinary adventure. Acquire mystical spells from a wise wizard and master the art of brawling from a formidable orc. Navigate through challenges to save a kingdom, obliterate a troublesome ring, and engage in a fierce battle against a monstrous beaver. This journey is filled with unexpected twists and turns as you carve your path through a fantastical world.
Available now!