Release: Riven, and more

You’re NOT ready for this title! Expanding the epic narrative of Riven: The Sequel to Myst from 1997, Riven is now available on GOG, straight from Cyan Worlds!
Discover a whole new way to immerse yourself in Riven. Engage in free movement within a live 3D setting that will transform your experience. Whether you're a seasoned explorer, yearning to reignite that initial enchantment of Riven, or a newcomer eager to unravel its mysteries, this fresh, reimagined edition presents an enriched storyline, captivating visuals, and a gaming journey that honors the original and broadens the horizons of Riven's universe.
You can now also get:
Riven: The Deluxe Edition
Riven: The Complete Collection
Myst & Riven: The Definitive Collection
The Riven Companion
The Art of Riven
All titles launch with with a -10% discounts until July 9th, 4 PM UTC – check them out!

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