Release: My Life as a Cult Leader from Kagura Games!

Get ready for the latest adventure RPG straight from Kagura Games – My Life as a Cult Leader is now available on GOG with a -10% launch discount that lasts until April 1st, 3 AM UTC!
In this title, when a terrible turn of events causes you to lose your job and get evicted from your apartment, you're left with nothing to your name. You find yourself on a cold park bench, miserable and exhausted with nowhere else to turn.
As you curse your fate, dark thoughts cloud your mind, wishing things would turn out differently. Suddenly, a mysterious woman approaches you, introducing herself as Shima Itsuki and asking you to take over as the new leader of a cult. She explains that their current leader is dying and needs you to act as a substitute. With nothing to lose and an empty stomach to fill, you decide to take her up on her offer, but who would've guessed the sort of cult you'd end up leading…