Release: Mask of the Rose

A marvelous romance with a hint of murder – Mask of the Rose, a visual novel combining mystery and love, is now available on GOG!
Welcome to Fallen London: a darkly hilarious gothic underworld where death is a temporary inconvenience, the rats talk, and Hell is only a stone's throw away. Thanks to an unknown bargain, London now resides in a vast cavern under the earth. Down here, the sun doesn't shine, and Parliament has sunk into the Thames. Queen Victoria never emerges from her palace. The fabric of strait-laced Victorian society has begun to fray.
New Masters are in charge. Why are they so… tall? And always cloaked? And why are they so interested in love stories? To answer all of these questions is up to you.
Immensely captivating story, impeccably written characters and amazing setting – it’s all there! In Mask of the Rose you’ll (re)invent yourself by discovering who you were before and who you are now, create outfits from a selection of clothing and unusual accessories to unlock different story options, fall in love with a cast of diverse Londoners, matchmake among your friends, write love stories in a delightful minigame, pick up odd jobs to earn money and gather resources, solve murders, discover cozy, mysterious and magnificent locations, and seek deeper and deeper secrets over multiple playthroughs.
There’s so much to do and see in Mask of the Rose that we could spend hours talking about it, but then again, true fun lies in playing it yourself!
Grab it now – explore the locales, lives, and loves of an impossible city. Exchange bon-mots with devils. Investigate the first murder where the victim can testify at the murderer’s trial. And if you’re truly reckless, fall in love.