Release: Last Train Home with a -15% discount

The Great War is over – the fight continues. An epic survival strategy game from THQ Nordic, Last Train Home is now available on GOG with a -15% discount that lasts until December 5th, 2 PM UTC!
Moreover, you can also grab the game's Official Soundtrack, Digital Artbook, and Digital Deluxe Edition (-15%) which gathers it all in one package!
Embark on a desperate mission through the depths of a war-torn wasteland. Your goal is to guide Czechoslovak soldiers back home onboard an armored train, but the path ahead is fraught with peril.
Caught in the middle of a brutal civil war between Russia's Red and White Armies, your unit must remain in fighting shape, managing what little resources you have and maintaining morale at all costs. Venture through the bleak and unforgiving landscape of Siberia, where the freezing cold and the merciless environment will push you to your very limit. Resources are scarce and your crew is exhausted, but you must keep pushing forward.
The game is based on historical events and it presents a compelling narrative that portrays the experiences of the Czechoslovak Legion and their valiant fight on behalf of the Entente powers during World War I.
In Last Train Home, you’ll:
PICK YOUR BATTLES: Deploy your squad and complete diverse objectives in a series of real-time missions where specialist combat skills, planning, and superior tactics will lead you to victory.
EQUIP YOUR SOLDIERS: Level up your men by unlocking new skills and gathering better equipment – discover their stories, assign medals, and help them rise up through the ranks.
MANAGE YOUR CREW: Direct your soldiers in their non-combat roles aboard the train. Craft items, heal your wounded, and restore morale for the arduous journey home.
UPGRADE YOUR TRAIN: Unlock your armored train’s full potential by upgrading the carriages and locomotive and oversee important maintenance work to keep it running.
JOURNEY THROUGH SIBERIA: Stockpile and trade supplies, make new allies, and overcome crisis after crisis as civil war rages across the vast snowfields of Siberia.
The time has come soldier, Last Train Home is OUT NOW!