Release: great titles from Graffiti Games with a -25% launch discount!

Graffiti Games brings in some great titles! RESTLESS SOUL, Lila’s Sky Ark and Lila’s Sky Ark Soundtrack are now out on GOG – and all of them with a -25% launch discount! The offers last until February 2, 2 PM UTC.
RESTLESS SOUL is an adventure RPG game in an incredible, quirky black-and-white art style. You’ll get to laugh in the face of death in a hauntingly humorous comedy gameplay; taking up the role of a wayward soul that tries to make it back to the land of the living. You’ll engage in bullet-hell lite battles, solve puzzles, and communicate with the dead as you navigate this “colorful” world.
Lila’s Sky Ark is an atmospheric action-adventure game with a female protagonist – Lila. Her psychedelic world is in grave danger; you’ll help her and her eccentric friends stop the Conductor’s minions from destroying all things musical and magical. You’ll get to explore this dark yet groovy universe, as you unravel the poetic mystery of Lila’s story. Discover the secrets, solve puzzles, and battle bizarre beasts and punishing bosses; moreover, you can also listen to the game’s magnificent OST with Lila’s Sky Ark Soundtrack!
Now on GOG!