Release: Demon Lord Reincarnation: Supporter Pack

Did you enjoy Demon Lord Reincarnation? If yes, we have something for you – Demon Lord Reincarnation: Supporter Pack, with a -10% launch discount until December 26th, 2 PM UTC!
Demon Lord Reincarnation is a turn-based role-playing game. It will tell you a story about how long ago, the land of Isigwere suffered under the tyranny of Leinad, the Demon Lord, and his monstrous horde. You’ll learn how the courageous band of heroes vanquished him and confined him deep underground, where a labyrinth was constructed to thwart any future escape should he rise again. Beware though, because now, the seal binding him has been shattered, and the maze is infested with monsters as the ominous specter of the Demon Lord's return looms closer. Adventurers from far and wide have assembled, united in their quest to once again vanquish the dreaded Leinad and protect the world from his malevolence; and you’re one of them.
Demon Lord Reincarnation: Supporter Pack, now on GOG!