Release: Colossal Cave VR with a -25% discount

Colossal Cave – comeback of the legendary game designers Ken and Roberta Williams and their revival of the original 1976’s text-based Colossal Cave Adventure, one of the most influential video games.
Now, you can embark on this timeless journey through a sprawling cave system packed with treasures, creatures, mazes, and wits-defying puzzles in virtual reality, as Colossal Cave VR is now available on GOG with a -25% discount that lasts until December 12th, 2 PM UTC!
Fully immerse yourself within the great grandpappy of adventure games that will test you and tickle your problem-solving skills as you unearth its plot and secrets. Through cunning trial-and-error you will crawl through tight squeezes, encounter impressive caverns, collect inventory, locate treasure, thwart dwarf attacks, all while keeping your eye on the score before your lamp goes out.
Expect to discover 14 distinct regions filled with magic, hidden secrets, breathtaking views, and cave-dwelling creatures of all types. Each area offers a unique and enchanting experience, and there are over 20 individual achievements to find and accomplish.
Colossal Cave VR is OUT NOW!