Release: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake with Soundtrack

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a 2013’s epic fairy tale journey hailed by critics when it was originally released, and created by an award-winning game director, Josef Fares, and talented developer, Starbreeze Studios.
Now, this beautiful tale filled with discovery, loss, adventure, and mystery is back and out on GOG in the form of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake – and you can get it with a -20% launch discount until March 5th, 3 PM UTC!
With their father suffering from a deadly illness, you’ll once again guide two brothers, who must bravely set out to find the “Water of Life,” the one cure that can save him. With no option for failure the brothers must rely on each other using their individual skills to protect one another and overcome the obstacles ahead in this unforgettable journey.
The Remake remains faithful to the gameplay and touching story from 2013, while featuring rebuilt characters and landscapes based on the original. It has been updated to the latest generation of graphics, performance, and gameplay. Paired with a re-recorded soundtrack with a live orchestra, prepare for an emotional experience that will take your adventure to all new heights.
Expect to solve puzzles, discover hidden stories, traverse dangerous locations, and fight deadly bosses. In single-player mode, navigate this story as both brothers in tandem or play in local co-op with a friend, each controlling one of the brothers as you play together.
Wishlist the game now and be prepared to immerse yourself in the emotion world full of hidden details that reward those who seek them out.
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake – now on GOG, together with its Soundtrack!