Play Mortal Kombat Trilogy and other cult classics!

The ultimate Mortal Kombat experience is back on modern PCs! With over 30 playable characters and stages from all previous parts of the series, Mortal Kombat Trilogy is truly a crowning achievement in the history of fighting games. Now you can enjoy it on GOG along with a toasty 10% discount that will last until 22nd August 2022, 1 PM UTC. If you already own previous games from the series, the same discount will rise to 20%.
Wait, there’s more! Until 22nd August 2022, 1 PM UTC, you can buy other great games as a part of our special Classic Twist sale featuring unforgettable classics. You can also read an article about the classic Mortal Kombat games on our blog.
So, let's all wait for the “Fight!” signal and let Mortal Kombat begin!