NSFW Release: Philana and the Elixir of Life

Adult-oriented, turn-based RPG adventure from Kagura Games – Philana and the Elixir of Life is now available on GOG with a -20% discount that lasts until December 16th, 5 AM UTC
Philana and Lily have lived together peacefully in the mountains ever since Philana saved Lily's life. One day, she returns home to find Lily collapsed on the floor. Scattered around are rare and exotic ingredients, theoretical papers on synthesizing an Elixir, and other alchemy-related artifacts.
Surprised, Philana asks Lily what she's been doing, and Lily reveals that she's been battling an illness that can only be cured with the help of an Elixir. Unable to continue her search for the remaining ingredients, Philana offers to find them herself.
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