NSFW Release: 3 titles from Kagura Games

If you’re looking for some adult-oriented, naughty fun, then these 3 new additions to our catalog from Kagura Games got you covered. Check out:
Dungeon's Legion
A strategic dungeon-defense RPG. The Goddess of Chaos has reincarnated you as a Demon Lord in another world. Your mission is to lead the Forces of Chaos to victory over the Forces of Order. While your initial army consists of just a few goblins, you can grow your forces by employing even deadlier units such as ogres and daemons. As you defend your dungeon, you will encounter various heroines whom you can capture. Sway them into joining your cause and helping you protect your dungeon!
Princess of Zeven
An indie RPG focused on dungeon crawling. In the kingdom of Aleister, every prince and princess must explore the Sea God's Shrine to prove their worthiness for the throne. Only the one who explores its deepest depths can come to the heir.
Dive into the Sea God's Shrine, a randomly generated dungeon with a different layout each time you enter it, each layer full of enemies requiring specific strategies to defeat.
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Succubus
One day, while examining a book in the library, Sumire finds herself summoned to another world! Brought there by the powerful succubus Melissa, Sumire herself has been transformed into a succubus. As a being that thrives and amplifies power by immersing in human emotions, dreams, and experiences, she has two options to secure a way back to her world: either save up a million gold for a mystical potion or level up her succubus powers through enriching interactions with inhabitants of this new world.
Check out all of those and have some sexy fun!