Coming soon: Wartales, Pirates of Belerion

Wartales is an open world RPG in which you lead a group of mercenaries in their search for wealth across a massive medieval universe. You explore the world, recruit companions, collect bounties and unravel the secrets of the tombs of the ancients.
The game is absolutely brilliant and it has already become one of the fan favorites of 2023.
Now, its expansion Pirates of Belerion is coming soon to GOG!
Since the collapse of the old kingdom of Belerion, the archipelago seemed to have been abandoned. Its population of mostly fishermen quickly turned to piracy, merchants deserted its waters, nothing seemed able to halt the decay of these lands… until the arrival of the Ihrian peoples.
Embark on over +25 hours of new adventures and explore Belerion, a new hostile region far larger than any other part of the continent. Discover a land unlike anything you’ve seen with the first expansion to the world of Wartales! Unravel the secrets of the region's storyline, discover new factions and master the new way to travel: navigation.
Check out all the goodness that the Pirates of Belerion will bring to the game and make sure to wishlist it now, you won’t miss its release or any special offer!