Coming soon: The Thing: Remastered

The 2002 third-person survival horror shooter that serves as a sequel to John Carpenter’s genre-defining 1982 film is back, remastered by Nightdive Studios – The Thing: Remastered is coming soon on GOG!
You are Cpt J.F. Blake, leader of a U.S. Special Forces rescue team sent to investigate the blood-curdling events and enigmatic deaths of the American scientific team that transpired at the Outpost 31 research facility located in the frozen wastelands of Antarctica. Within these inhospitable surroundings your team encounters a strange shape-shifting alien life-form that assumes the appearance of people that it kills. Trapped by the elements and infected by this horrific entity, using all your team members is critical if you hope to accomplish your objectives, let alone survive. If you only knew which ones were still human…
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