Coming soon: Stellar Monarch, its The Age of Technology DLC and Stellar Monarch 2

Get ready for great 4X, sci-fi strategy fun, as Stellar Monarch, its The Age of Technology DLC and Stellar Monarch 2 are all coming soon to GOG!
First entry in the series, Stellar Monarch, is a turn-based, 4X, asymmetric empire space builder with a focus on truly feeling like an Emperor. You won't deal with low level stuff like building farms, factories or individual ships. Instead you focus on the grander scale of things. You grant audiences, make edicts, appoint imperial officials, deal with court factions and assassins, crush rebels, decide on production quotas and priorities.
In the game there is no micromanagement, late game does not drag on forever. You can play a relatively fast paced game on a huge galaxy without late game slow downs. You own hundreds of planets, thousands of ships and all this is managed on the high level by edicts and a hierarchical fleet system.
Its The Age of Technology DLC, as the name suggests, focuses on technology and science. Adding new optional research mechanics (random technologies, hidden technologies, additional technologies), terraforming mechanic, new alien races, astro engineers, construction of megastructures and a few minor additions.
Stellar Monarch 2 continues the premise of the first entry. You’ll once again become the Emperor and Head of the Royal Dynasty. Keeping in check with Barons and Dukes from other Great Houses, ensuring their loyalty and obedience, making sure they are an asset of the Empire and not an obstacle – all of those will be your regular tasks. Appoint people from the imperial court to Ministers and Advisors and fend off assassins, traitors, usurpers and rebels. And once the Empire is strong within, deal with the inevitable alien threat.
Your space empire will soon rule over the galaxy!