Coming soon: House Party - Murder Mystery Expansion Pack

House Party is not over… Better get ready, because Murder Mystery Expansion Pack is coming soon on GOG!
House Party is an absolutely hysterical, story-rich adventure game with amazing 3D graphics. It’s up to you, the player, to make choices and party the way you want; the game’s unique AI and scripting system literally shape and mold the content around your choices, so that you experience something new or different with each gameplay. To date, there are hundreds of different stories, side-quests, and narratives, and thousands of branching stories and dynamic elements. Content is being added regularly, so it just keeps getting bigger and better! Each new game starts at the door as a blank canvas for your decisions.
The newest expansion pack though, Murder Mystery, adds a little bit of darkness to the story; featuring a famous cosplayer, streamer, actress, and model! It introduces hours of jaw-dropping new content, unlike anything the party has ever seen. When the lights go out, better be ready for terror to break out, and unsolved mysteries to come to light…
Soon on GOG!