Coming soon: Field of Glory II: Swifter than Eagles

Watch out, because new DLC to Field of Glory II is coming soon to GOG – Swifter than Eagles!
Field of Glory II is a historical strategy turn-based game, set during the Rise of Rome from 280 BC to 25 BC. It’s a game that brought the fun and excitement of the tabletop experience to a digital form; as a player, you take command of a huge variety of armies employing vastly different tactical doctrines. You get to lead your chosen army and its named generals to victory in set-piece historical battles, or “what-if” custom battle situations against.
Field of Glory II: Swifter than Eagles introduces a great variety of completely new content. Covering the period from 2500 to 681 BC, it extends the base game backwards to the dawn of “civilized” warfare – where you’ll smite your foes with bow and spear in a lead to glorious victory.
Soon on GOG!