Check out these 3 new games coming soon to GOG!

3 new great games are coming soon to GOG: Spark in the Dark, D.I.G - Deep In Galaxies and Beyond Shadowgate!
Spark in the Dark is a hardcore dark fantasy dungeon crawler where you will go to the endless depths of a mysterious grim dungeon. Expect 5 classes of heroes each with unique skills, bloody battles with monstrous creatures and deadly traps, a lot of interactions with the environment, many secret places, deep and intricate lore, and more!
D.I.G - Deep In Galaxies is a co-op 2D platformer and an action roguelike title. Prepare to dig your way through different planets while you shoot, loot and blow things up. Bounce around while slashing enemies with your axe, shoot giant bullets, heal yourself on every kill, get overpowered and make everything go boom!
Beyond Shadowgate is an adventure and exploration point & click game based on the original design of the 8-bit hit Shadowgate from over 30 years ago. It offers 200+ rooms of adventure, 180+ different ways to die, 150+ objects in which to interact, 100+ puzzles to solve, 20+ NPCs inhabiting the lands, and 3 Game Endings to experience!
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